Thursday, March 19, 2009

Scrapbag Aprons

I love aprons!   Here's a few of the ones I made last week in my attempt to clear out some of the fabric from my scrapbag

The aprons are reversible, they have no pockets just the way I like them!  

The apron above was made from a really sweet retro Japanese print fabric.  Great colorway, too ~ tomato red, baby blue, chocolate brown, yellow and green.  Cupcakes anyone?

The last one is a cafe style apron ~ my standard, everyday apron.   With it's western motif and Americana colorway, I'm ready for Summer grilling!

Now that I've gotten my 'Scrapbag Fix', I'll be returning to my folk art.  Check back to see what I'm working on and soon to be released items.

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